Rachel Weisz

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You have to be pretty damn beautiful to be the girlfriend of 007 Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz shows us exactly how sexy in these four movie clips.

You have to be pretty damn beautiful to be the girlfriend of 007 Daniel Craig, and there’s no doubt that Rachel Weisz fits that bill. The former fashion model turned actress has appeared nude in a whopping 11 films, which is a feat we’re happy she accomplished. And it’s not like she just went through a phase of feeling comfortable shedding her clothes for a role; she’s been doing it ever since her 1991 role in The Advocates!

This sexy brunette may be well known for being the exotic arm candy of Brendan Fraser in the first two The Mummy films, but her role in The Constant Gardener secured her the title of Best Supporting Actress at the 1996 Academy Awards. Whether she’s starring in the most action-packed blockbusters like Constantine, The Fountain and The Bourne Legacy or playing a role in a film festival drama, Rachel Weisz steals the spotlight with her gorgeous body and sexy accent.

The Deep Blue Sea

Rachel Weisz plays a wife who is caught between a dull marriage with a British judge and a racy affair with a Royal Air Force pilot. Expect steamy sex scenes and dramatic fights.

I Want You

Enemy at the Gates 

This sex scene is quite possibly the best fully clothed sex scene we’ve ever seen.

Swept from the Sea

No, Rachel doesn’t get naked in this movie, but it’s definitely one to watch on date night so you look well-versed in foreign films.

The Fountain

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