Playboy Retro: St. Patrick’s Day Redheads

By Staff

<p>Celebrate St Patrick's Day with these redheaded bombshells from Playboy's past. </p>

Ginger-haired beauts have long been associated with the Emerald Isle, and for good reason: Ireland has one of the world’s largest populations (around 10 percent of the country) of redheads. And since it’s St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, the staff is celebrating with a mug of green beer and this look back at a few classic Playboy burning hot redhead bombshells.

Are you familiar with the famous Botticelli painting The Birth of Venus, depicting the crimson-haired, curvy, busty goddess of love arising from the ocean? Somehow, it was painted almost 500 years before Gloria Walker was born, but she easily could be the woman Botticelli modeled the goddess Venus after. This curvy actress and model with the long red hair is a looker for the ages, and fortunately for us she’s immortalized as Miss June 1956, so, like a great painting, you can enjoy her forever.

By day Lori Winston was a secretary in the insurance biz. Sounds pretty square, but in her free time she studied art, went sailing and posed for Playboy. Now those are some exciting hobbies to pursue outside of the office! Miss June 1964 is a redheaded dish, a prime example of the sexy Playboy dreamboat who manages to simultaneously capture the joy of life.

{“pbembedwidget”:“gallery”,“id”:“15846”,“size”:“large”,“alignment”:“left”} Actress, model, dancer and, of course, Playmate Gay Collier told Playboy in 1965 that her eyes were set on Broadway or a starring role in the ballet. This flame-headed vixen will dance into your heart with her fun-loving Playboy pictorial. Your eyes won’t know where to go when you look at her July ’65 shoot. Her goofy smile, her 36D bust, her shock of bright red hair: wherever your peepers are drawn to, they’re sure to be rewarded.

Whether or not you’re Irish, it’s time to celebrate. Pour out a dram of whiskey, pop “Danny Boy” onto your stereo and take in these redhead beauties in the above gallery.


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