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Reese Witherspoon Sweet and Sexy
  • October 11, 2011 : 08:10
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When it comes to choosing one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood, few can compare to the luscious lips of girl next door Reese Witherspoon. After getting her big break as a teen in The Man in the Moon, this Southern Belle got her first major role opposite Kiefer Sutherland and Brooke Shields in the crime drama Freeway in 1996. While she may be noteable for such career-defining pictures as Pleasantville and her Academy Award–winning performance in Walk the Line as June Carter Cash, Witherspoon’s sexiest escapades on the screen are an equally satisfying watch, at least by our standards.

Overnight Delivery – Flashing Bra

In 1998 Witherspoon starred in one of her first romantic comedies, Overnight Delivery, opposite a pre-Apatow Paul Rudd. College student Wyatt Trips (Rudd) believes his long-distance girlfriend (Christine Taylor) is unfaithful to their previously sexless relationship and, distraught, heads for a few drinks at the local strip joint. After a revenge suggestion by sexy dancer Ivy (Witherspoon), the two send a picture of Trips with a topless Ivy, only to discover the supposed “other guy” is just his girlfriend’s dog. Needless to say, panic and a stripping road trip ensue.

Legally Blonde – Looking Hot in a Bikini

While this law school–themed comedy isn’t on most guys’ film bucket lists, Witherspoon’s perky “I’m not just another dumb blonde” routine was fairly sexy, especially when she used her considerable acting chops to work her way through Harvard. While the rest of the film is a funny, fluffy chick flick, we’d like to draw attention to Witherspoon’s character’s, ahem, highly persuasive law school admissions video. We’d let her in; wouldn’t you?

This Means War – Lingerie Sex Scene

Returning to her roots after several more serious (and clothed) roles, Witherspoon’s action-comedy-romance flick this year, This Means War, pits two CIA agents and best buds (Chris Pine, Tom Hardy) in a war over this sexy, spunky blonde. While we would love to take part in this shoot-off for Witherspoon, we’re just as happy getting a glimpse of her frisky side in the scene above. Catch her next in bounty hunter drama Mud with Matthew McConaughey.

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