Seeing Double: Twins Gallery

By Staff

<p>Our girls are double the trouble! Check out the hottest twin's we've had pose throughout the years.<br></p>


There is no better way to celebrate our summer double issue than by taking a double take on some of the sexiest twins we’ve had pose for Playboy. The Collinson twins, in October of 1970, were the first twins shot for Playboy; they went on to star in many British films in the seventies such as Groupie Girl and Permissive. They were even shot by famed glamour photographer Harrison Marks.  Since then, twins have appeared as Playmates, Cyber Girls& in a special edition of our Sexy Wives series.

One of the most famous set of twins was the Bentley sisters, who were also at one time Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends. “I loved the photo shoot,” said Mandy Bentley about posing for Playboy. “The first time Stephen Wayda asked if we could take off our robes, I think Sandy was a little nervous. But I felt like, ‘Whoo, let’s go!’”

Bernaola Twins (Carol and Darlene) Misses January 2000, Campbell Twins (Jennifer and Natalie) Misses December 2008, Collinson Twins (Madeleine and Mary) Misses October 1970, Shannon Twins (Karissa and Kristina) Misses July/August 2009, Teles Twins (Deisy and Sarah) Misses December 2003, Van Breeschooten Twins (Karin and Mirjam) Misses September 1989, Barbi Twins (Shane and Sia) Cover Girls, Bentley Twins (Sandy and Mandy) May 2000 Cover, Nathalie and Stephanie Sexy Wives, Kellerman Twins (Kat and Cassie) Cyber Girls February 2008, Jenks Twins (Cassandra and Catlin) Co-Eds August 2005.


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