Self Styled Polos: Do it Right Because Yolo

By Elliot Aronow

Are you popping your collar? The do’s and don’ts of the Polo

A lot of dudes ask me how to wear polos without looking like “That Total Douche Who Drives His Daddy’s Chevy Malibu.” The answer is simple. Never, ever pop your collar. Don’t get a polo with a button-down collar. Ditto for a polo with epaulettes or more than one pocket on it. Not cool. 

Think simple, clean lines and a few splashes of color—enough to get noticed but definitely not peacocky. 

The unassailable option is to go with a classic Fred Perry polo, the kind with color accents (piping) on the collar and sleeves. They make these in all sorts of color combinations, so finding something in your flavor is really easy. If you want to add a twist, I’d recommend this robust  "bold stripe" version, which has slightly wider piping in a red, white and blue pattern. I am the last person to flaunt brand logos, but the Fred Perry laurel wreath is worthy of being shown off. Mod flavor never goes out of style when you do it right. 

Another look two doors down from your boring “Office Chad on His Day Off” vibe is to go the fly guy, Ivan Lendl, early ’80s tennis hero route and freak a polo with contrasting colors on the shoulders or pocket. This model from preppy mainstay Gant is particularly dope. Just be sure it’s not too tight across your chest or you are going to look like an emo singer from 1996. Otherwise, wear it with some dark blue jeans and canvas sneakers and keep it neat, neat, neat. 

That’s it. Don’t overthink it. Just buy the right thing the first time, pull it from your closet, throw it on and then stroll down the street. Easy.

About the Author

Elliot Aronow is a tv personality, editor and music and style hustler living in New York City. He is the host/producer/editor/publisher of OUR SHOW with Elliot Aronow and the Co-Founder of music site RCRD LBL. All of his hair and opinions are his own. Follow Elliot on Twitter @youngelz.


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