Self Styled with Elliot Aronow: Summer Belts

By Elliot Aronow

It’s time to belt it out. Elliot breaks down the summer belt must haves.

Summer is a great time to switch up your belt game and get in touch with your secret desire to dress like the sort of man who uses the word “vacation” as a verb. Let’s get OG prep, yo! 

The first step to getting the look down is to stop wearing that solid black belt (not the hard-earned karate kind, I endorse those) and move to fresher, more seasonal looks like cheap, easygoing cotton joints. At less than 50 bucks a pop, you can even buy two: one in a solid color and another that is madras-inspired and a bit more flashy. 

Speaking of being flashy, I’d avoid going the extra mile and buying a belt with a lobster, anchor or lacrosse design. That’s just too much. Lacrosse, really?! You are asking for it when you leave the house with a lacrosse-themed belt on. Douchey. 

Back on the YES front, venerable prepsters J.Press make a lovely spectrum of casual summer belts that come in all sorts of cool colors (blue with yellow stripe, blue with green stripe, solid navy, wine, etc.) and for the price they really can’t be beat. Super casual. Easy. 

A few steps up in both formality and price is a braided leather belt. As with all things preppy, it is best to buy these from a brand that has been making them for decades. Ralph Lauren have two varieties on their website right now that I would highly recommend. One is the classic “works with everything” version while the second has a modest twist, a ring closure. 

While I would not recommend using these belts to hold your suit pants up, everything I shouted out today goes well with jeans and chinos. As for how to tie the look together, put on your pants and close the belt. There you go!


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