Self-Styled with Elliot: Festival Express

By Elliot Aronow

Our stylist gives you his guide to look cool, dance, and not pass out this festival season.

The time of summer music festivals is upon us good people! Last weekend, I was doing double duty as a TV host for the Pitchfork Music Festival and boy did I have an awesome time hanging out in the sun with my homebros Vampire Weekend and Sleigh Bells—and Lady Gaga. There was, however, one major catch -it was almost always sickeningly hot and humid.

Based on this sticky situation, here’s my advice on how to style and profile while enjoying the unity vibes at the summer’s other major outings such as Lollapalooza, Electric Zoo, and Austin City Limits among others.

Before we get into what to wear, I need to be real with you and say tank tops and sandals are not good looks…or good smells for that matter.

For tops, the secret is to get something breathable (linen, thin cotton) that won’t make your sweat the star of the show. This means no white or light grey shirts, which can get spotty real quick. While researching this story I found this super ill Billy Reid popover (½ buttoned)  shirt, which has the right color, fabric and sensibility to make you the coolest buck at the fest. Don’t worry about it being long -sleeved, those few extra inches of fabric don’t really make much difference and besides, you can always roll those up.

For bottoms, I’d suggest throwing on a pair of cheap khakis - something you won’t mind getting dirty. These brown joints from H&M will totally do the trick. As for shoes, wear something crappy. If it rains, you won’t be seeing them again.

To top it off, make sure to drink two bottles of water for every beer, stay away from the brown acid, and have a good time!

About the Author

Elliot Aronow is a tv personality, editor and music and style hustler living in New York City. He is the host/producer/editor/publisher of OUR SHOW with Elliot Aronow and the Co-Founder of music site RCRD LBL. All of his hair and opinions are his own. Follow Elliot on Twitter@youngelz.

The author wearing white pants from Brooklyn Tailors. They are paired with a polka dot shirt and a hot 2 death vintage Levi’s denim jacket, which you know all about by now.


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