Self-Styled with Elliot: How a Grown Man Dresses to Go to the Beach

By Elliot Aronow

We show you how to channel the "uptown beach" vibe and how to dress for a club during the summer without being Jersey Shore or Zoolander.

While there is a part of me that feels like I might be harshing your mellow by telling you what to wear to the beach, dudes have been asking me lately what looks I recommend for a day spent on the sand and in the surf. 

So here’s my short list of clothes to wear to the actual beach, which should not be confused with “not the beach." These are clothes for maximum lounging and cool-handed swagger. They need to be worn near bodies of water, not in cities or malls or airports. Just beaches, okay?

Let’s start with the shirt. Go with a linen shirt, which breathes very well and adds just the right touch of crumpled cool-guy attitude. This baby blue model from Ralph Lauren is nice. You will want to wear it pretty loose, perhaps even a size too big. It will make you look rich, which is a good look when you are at the beach. 

Next, get a pair of nicely tailored shorts that hit just above your knee. No matter how in or out of shape you are, your beach shorts should never hit below your knee. Wearing ‘em that way makes you look like an ugly teenager shooting hoops alone in his driveway. Lame! It only costs like 12 bucks to get shorts hemmed, so if they fit on your waist, know that tailoring them is an option. 

Try to avoid khaki shorts; they can make you look a little too dad-like when you pair them with a collared shirt. Instead go with something a bit louder, like these $12 joints from Uniqlo. Totally cheap is fine because the only time a man should wear shorts is when he is at the beach.

Finally, tie everything together with some strong-ass espadrilles. I love this pair, which was made by my homies Street Etiquette in collaboration with Soludos, who know a thing or two about shoes to wear while liming. 

That’s it. Be easy, move slowly, wear bright colors and have fun! Just be sure to change when you get back to your crib or hotel room. 

About the Author

Elliot Aronow is a tv personality, editor and music and style hustler living in New York City. He is the host/producer/editor/publisher of OUR SHOW with Elliot Aronow and the Co-Founder of music site RCRD LBL. All of his hair and opinions are his own. Follow Elliot on Twitter @youngelz. Check out the rest of his Self-Styled columns HERE.


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