Self-Styled with Elliot: Swag on a Plane

By Elliot Aronow

Elliot breaks down the finer points of how a real man should dress to fly in the 21st century.

Real men have two concerns when they get dressed to go on a plane. First, they need to not look disgusting— this means no corny graphic tees, sweatpants or dirty sneakers. It’s a plane, not a junk barge, dudes. Second, they need to wear things that are comfortable and functional to allow them to move around the airport with ease and panache. 

Wearing a nice jacket and sensible shoes not only improves your chances of picking up a hard-drinking marketing exec at the airport bar, it will also help to make your time with security as “pleasant” as it can be. Remember, in today’s prison yard airport security environment, you don’t want to look like a troublemaker; you want to look like a gentleman. Here’s how:

Wear a moderately decent pair of loafers — slip-ons are ideal for security checkpoints and give the casual yet distinguished air of a “man who takes trips.” Personally, I would go with these Bass Weejuns. They are not too expensive and a big step up from your old Reeboks. 

Second, invest in a light jacket that has plenty of pockets for your passport, boarding passes, notebook, etc. This faux-rugged navy blue joint from Engineered Garments is perfect for the job.

Finally, wear a not too formal shirt with a collar. Anything with a button-down collar, such as a classic oxford, will do the trick. 

About the Author

Elliot Aronow is a tv personality, editor and music and style hustler living in New York City. He is the host/producer/editor/publisher of OUR SHOW with Elliot Aronow and the Co-Founder of music site RCRD LBL. All of his hair and opinions are his own. Follow Elliot on Twitter @youngelz. Check out the rest of his Self-Styled columns HERE.


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