Sex Sells: Beer

By Staff

<p>What sells beer better than boobs? Short answer: nothing. </p>

Beer. Has there ever been a better way to wind down a week than with a beer?

You would think with such mass appeal that the marketing behind beer wouldn’t be such a hard sell; beer can pretty much be sold anywhere, at any time, to anyone, for any number of reasons, and yet the brands behind the bottle go to advertising extremes to hock their hops to you.

It’s a bull market out there for beer; the options are endless, so how to choose the right one? What distinguishes one beer from another?

Well, taste, sure. And type. But just about everyone in the barley business has put two and two together and realized that perhaps the only thing consummate beer drinkers like more than beer are boobs.

Boobs and butts are the real selling point of beer these days. Not barley. Not hops. Not headiness or half-baked flavors. It’s boobs. You put a pair in even the most mediocre of ad campaigns and you’ve got our attention. Shit, that’s how our very own Pamela Anderson got started. It’s not rocket science. We’re men; we like our beer cold, our women hot and our steaks medium-rare. ’Nuff said: onto the sexiest beer commercials on cable.


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