On Your Feet: Shoes and Sneakers for Fall 2012

By Playboy.com Staff

Taking their cues from the front runners in fashion, shoes and sneakers tend to tag along with the trends.

We’ve already told you about the Nike SB Dunk High Tops. And we mentioned a pretty sharp pair of suede/leather Yves Saint Laurents. But we can do more. We can do better. The world of sneakers and shoes is just as in tune with trends as everything else the fashion light touches so there’s no need to leave you in the dark. When you take what we’ve already told you about this season’s grays and browns, about the leather and the texture and the simple design, and apply it to shoes, this is what you get:

Creative Recreation Lacava

The Lacava is somewhere between an oxford and a wingtip, and yet it is decidedly neither. Creative recreation stays true to its name, offering the wearer a look that is at once innovative, comfortable and friendlily refined.

Supra Vaider High Top

Supra has become synonymous with style. A skater-inspired company, they have in recent years branched out to a more mainstream audience, taking their design and developmental cues from the early days of Converse and Air Jordan.

Royal Elastics Puppet

Tying your shoes? So last year. Royal Elastics has put an end to the nuisance of knots with their innovative elastic system and contemporary style, bringing laziness into the hands of the laid-back, which we’ll attest is a lethal combination.

J Shoes District

Since their arrival on the scene over a decade ago, J Shoes has consistently brought high fashion to the humble streets, fusing the two worlds seamlessly with enough room left over for a comfortable fit. The District is one part top-sider, one part wingtip, one part loafer and ten parts awesome.

Royal Elastics Brother Roland

Another entry from our Australian friends at Royal Elastics. The boys Down Under have really got this shoe thing licked; with a leather upper and hand-crafted sole, the BRs can be worn at both work or play, while out on the prowl or feigning a life of the prim and proper.

Feiyue Varisty Mid

Literally translating to “fly forward,” the folks from Feiyue are at the forefront of innovation. Case in point: this kung fu-inspired high top. Crafted from wool and leather, it lacks the usual flimsiness of others in its class and is more than a few steps ahead in style points. 


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