Smokin' On The Back Nine: Best Cigars For The Course

By Staff

Everything you need to know about picking a good cigar to enjoy on the golf course.

What makes a good golfing cigar? While the ideal cigar is well-constructed and has good burn (so you don’t have to re-light it), if you’re planning on picking up a couple of cigars for your next round of golf, there are a few more things to consider. Cigars come in all different sizes, tastes, strengths and prices. To us, the perfect golfing cigar should be easy on the lungs, tongue and wallet.

Strength/Taste: A too-strong cigar can overwhelm, leaving you dizzy and buzzed. You’ve got beer for that, and it’s not like you’ll have a mind for the subtleties of an intense taste profile anyway. Go mild.

Size: The larger the cigar, the longer it will last. A typical Robusto (5”) will take about an hour to smoke, while a Churchill (7”) can last more than two. A full round of golf will have you on the course for a while, so we recommend something on the Churchill side. Plus, you’ll have something to enjoy while your buddy 3-putts to save his 8.

Value: You want to strike a balance between quality and cost. No one wants a horrible cigar, but you don’t want to feel like you just threw away a $20 bill if your cigar finds its way under the golf cart wheel. Your attention will be divided anyway, so there’s no sense wasting a super-premium when all you want is a tasty smoke. Aim for $5.

To recap: Go mild, go big and go cheap (but not too cheap).


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