Spring Style: Let Loose

By Tanner Cormier

Let loose this spring and step away from super-slim cuts for something a little more relaxed.

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Every year, winter melts away and with the new season comes an onslaught of trends for spring and summer. Despite the influx of new (and often ridiculous) ideas, it becomes your job to adopt what works and avoid what doesn’t.

With that in mind, we’re giving you our picks for the best trends to take in stride, and which to step over completely.

Adopt: Let Loose

Sometime in the early noughties, skinny jeans flew in on the twig-thin legs of hipsters and pop-punk scene kids. Reminiscent of ‘50s cigarette pants but tighter, skinnies hit the ground running and never stopped. Once the subject of much ridicule, the skin-tight trouser was adopted by even its most ardent opponents. The battle was finally lost when suits, button-downs and chinos fell to the same constricting affliction.

But there is light at the end of that oh-so-tapered leg…


Whereas the skinny look is super uptight, the loose look is all about going for flow. Instead of too-slim cuts, scale back to closer-to-classic fits in lighter materials that will look and feel great for the warmer months.

What’s Cool

• Carrot fit cargoes and chinos: Slightly relaxed from the seat to the knees but tapered to the ankle, well-made carrot fit pants are tight and loose in all the right places and send the relaxed look home. • Shorts: Resisting the urge to wear baggy shorts through the summer months is half the battle. But you can struggle a little less with shorts cut straight and just above the knee. • T-shirts: Thinnest, lightest jersey is the way to go. Wear them loose, drape-y and un-tucked. • Blazers: Make sure to get a good fit across the upper torso (go a little boxy in the shoulders if you’re feeling bold), but a little wrinkle never hurt anyone. The juxtaposition of the formal and the carefree is kind of badass. Dig it. • Materials: Applicable to all of the above, Linen and Chambray are your two favorite new style key words. They look cooler than basic cotton (texture), but also feel cooler on hot days thanks to a slightly looser weave. One word: airflow.


• The idea here is not to look like a slob. Your clothes should still fit and be worn to size, but with enough breathing room to give you a laid-back summertime look. READ: loose, not baggy. • Be conscious of proportions. Too much linen could have you unintentionally looking like the Messiah, while a too-loose shirt atop fitted bottoms could shape you a little muffin-like. • For button-downs, take the classic fit. You still want the shirt to fit in the chest and shoulders, but a slightly let-out cut will still read classy while being a hell of a lot more comfortable.

What We Want

Rag & Bone Linen Blazer                                  Carhartt Heritage Carrot Savant Pants           Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes Classic-Fit Shirt

Avoid: Sweats

Casual comfort is king this spring, but some things are better left reserved for the gym and the homestead.

There’s more to Spring Style than a loose fit. Try your hand at some fresh, bold colors.


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