Spring Style: Urban Armor

By Tanner Cormier

Spring is here, and a new bunch of trends with it. Check out some of the best trends in outerwear, and find out what will get you through, rain or shine.

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Every year, winter melts away and with the new season comes an onslaught of trends for spring and summer. Despite the influx of new (and often ridiculous) ideas, it becomes your job to adopt what works and avoid what doesn’t. With that in mind, we’re giving you our picks for the best trends to take in stride, and which to step over completely.

Adopt: Urban Armor

Whether it’s from the wind, the rain, or some other inclement force of nature, your spring jacket should protect you. That’s function: a principle that so often results in menswear that, while effective, skips the style beat altogether. It can be hard to find a place where the battle between fashion and function turns symbiotic, but this spring brings updates on a few classics.


It’s simple: You don’t have to sacrifice staying warm and dry in spring weather to look good. With a modern take on some tried and true classics, your urban armor can finally be as stylish as you care to be. Without malfunction.

What’s Cool

• Anoraks: Throw caution to the windbreaker; it’ll handle things for you. With such a simple look, the kick is in colors, patterns and materials. Neon yellow nylon? Sure, go wild. • Parkas: You might think of the parka as more of a winter thing, but with a slim cut and less bulk, the iconic design becomes the perfect all-purpose spring jacket. Most are already loaded with detail (pockets, drawstrings, etc.), so stick to simple, cool colors. • Trenches: Clean and classic as always, a good trench coat will take you from home to office to dinner date and wherever else you need to look good and arrive dry. No need to mess with the formula here, though; trenches remain best worn neutral. • Safari/military: This may be a style that looks more functional than it actually is, but sometimes you need an extra layer between your skin and the wind. Plus, the weathered look is cool, especially worn a little large and, as mentioned, layered. • Double-breasted: Like a warm hug from years gone by, the double-breasted coat is back again. Not so good in suit form (reads mobster at best, Miami Vice at worst), but as a wave to the nautical look that’s so popular these last few springs, a double-breasted pea coat in a lightweight material does the trick.


• Don’t get carried away with length. Anything that hangs below your knees is probably a bad idea. • Keep it proportional and don’t get bulky on top. Too many utility pockets can be a curse that leaves you with the wrong kind of double-breasted look. Not good. • Be appropriate: Parkas and anoraks might be more casual than they are business, and a trench coat will dress anything up, even jeans and sneakers.

What We Want

Swims Oslo Trench                               Welcome Stranger Anorak                  Oliver Spencer Military Jacket Avoid: Too-short Shorts

There’s a line just above the knee that just should not be crossed, we don’t care how many Brooklyn hipsters disagree.

There’s more to Spring Style than outerwear. Try your hand at some fresh, bold colors, or let loose with a relaxed summer look.


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