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Enter for a chance to win one of the most badass leather jacket's that has crossed our path in a while.

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If you thought the story of Sgt. James Heller and Alex Mercer was over you thought wrong.

Heller is back for his second tour through an infected Manhattan. The Blacklight Virus has spread, the Blackwatch military is everywhere and Mercer is nowhere to be found. With some new tricks up his sleeve (or rather on his sleeve), Heller continues to track the man who he believes killed his family but it’s not long before his new found abilities turn the hunter into the hunted.  

To mark the release of one of Radical Entertainment’s most badass titles, we’re giving away one of the most badass jackets to ever cross our paths: Heller’s own hooded black leather armor. We’ve only got one of these Limited Edition souvenirs so if you’re a fan of the game (or just a fan of looking downright awesome) enter today.

We’ve also got ten copies of the game to give away; to see what it’s all about check out Gamer Next Door Jo Garcia’s Sneak Peek.

To win, all you need to do is click the link below to start the spread (aka share the link with your friends on Facebook and Twitter). Rules and Regulations


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