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Get Fresh for the Festival
  • August 03, 2012 : 11:08
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Music festival season is an intense experience. Faced with the skyscraper highs of amazing live music and the roadside ditch lows of sun exposure and hangovers, it can be hard to prepare for the weathering a weekend of outdoor partying can inflict on the body. With a powerful arsenal of men’s care products at hand, you can be ready for the onslaught of sun damage and stinky pits. Check out our rundown of what you’ll need to get fresh for the festival.

Bumble and bumble. Sumotech Molding Compound for Hair

For many, the music festival is the height of summer, and they treat it like a parade for their hotness. Look your best from the top down: start with Bumble and bumble’s Sumotech molding compound to keep your hairstyle in check without any evidence of a helping hand from the cosmetics industry. $26 Buy it here!

Malin+Goetz Detox Face Mask

We know: face masks are totally not manly. But know what is? Not looking like a piece of leather. With Malin+Goetz detox face mask, you can prepare your mug for the sun damage it’s about to incur and make sure you’re good and hydrated for the day. Just throw it on, give it a few minutes and wipe it away. $40 Buy it here!

Lab Series Skincare for Men Oil Control Daily Hydrator

You’ve got the pregame face ready, but your on-site protection is just as important. A little bit of the Lab Series Oil Control Daily Hydrator will give your face a shot of extra moisture, lock it all in and make sure you don’t get greasy as you sweat in the crowd. $32 Buy it here!

Biotherm Homme High Recharge Eye Shot

Every festival is a huge party wrapped in the sweetest tunes. Whether you drink all day or go nocturnal after curtain call, the evidence of your indulgence is written in dark, baggy circles under your eyes. Use Eye Shot to reduce some of the puffiness and fight the fatigue that plagues you. $25 Buy it here!

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  • Anonymous
    This article is ridiculous. Who would bring all that expensive junk to a music festival? What you need is a solar camping shower, plus regular old soap and shampoo. And regular old sunscreen!