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By Staff

Not a fan of shopping at the mall? Then check out the hottest trend in men's clothing: Frank & Oak. We show you why this trendy but affordable web retailer should be on your hit list.

Judging by the state of affairs of a man’s typical office or casual attire these days, the majority of men would rather invest their time in choosing stocks, watching baseball games or working in a new set of wheels.

With that in mind, the coolest new trend in men’s shopping falls in line with our favorite new retail outlet: the internet. While some may shop for crazy memorabilia such as signed inflatable penguins on Craigslist, men will typically fork over their credit card for everything from Red Sox tickets to the newest Led Zeppelin album. As for clothes? Enter Frank & Oak, a Montreal-based web retailer that combines the eBay experience with in-house trendy designs that are similar, if not superior, in quality to retailers such as H&M, Banana Republic and Zara but more in line with your pocketbook, with the majority of items costing $50 or less.

We headed over to Frank & Oak’s creative workshop (HQ) to speak with CEO and cofounder Ethan Song about the process and how F&O takes catered men’s style to the next level. Born out of his education in style and manufacturing experience, Song’s team has grown from a couple university guys with an idea to doubling their staff multiple times over in order to meet the North American demand.

The idea is simple (and yes, we tried it ourselves): each month users log on to where they’ll be greeted by The Edit, a news mag-catalog where the month’s new designs are exhibited based on trends seen on the major runways such as New York, London, and Milano (made possible by F&O’s impossibly small design-to-production window of just seven weeks).

Next, logging into the members-only Hunt Club (free to join), guys view a selection of the month’s designs specifically chosen for them based on a lifestyle questionnaire (filled out when you sign up) as well as what you’ve bought previously. This includes everything from oxford shirts and hoodies to comfortable chinos, formal wear and accessories.

Once you’ve checked out a few designs and thrown them into your “online crate,” the selection is shipped to you free of charge for trying on, with payment only required once you’ve selected what you want to keep.

While the majority of the items range between $25 and $50, members of the Hunt Club are sent special deals on exclusive items and limited-run collections such as this month’s United Tailors, which features a “global creative” vibe consisting of suave sports jackets, slim-fit shirts and tailored pants in combinations ranging from traditional to entrepreneurial and functional, with an interactive “build your look” feature that is absolutely worth checking out.

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