Stylewise: Americana Revolution

By Tanner Cormier

We look into the future, and what do we see? A throwback to blue-collar Americana, all denim and tees, a la James Dean.

The Looper Lifestyle, which we’ve shown facets of in travel, nightlife, cars and tech, is both forward thinking and rooted in the past. Like the protagonists themselves — future and past versions of the same man, an assassin caught in his own crosshairs — the lifestyle portrayed, though set 30 years in the future, bridges the gap between generations, combining aspects of each. This is nowhere more evident than in the characters’ fashion, a style that finds its shape and structure in 1950s Americana, but with slick threads of a decidedly ’80s aesthetic woven into its fabric. The look reads James Dean with a post-punk sheen, mostly function with a wash of fashion, and we like it. And we think you will, too, so we threw together this guide to help you cop an autumn look we’ve already taken the fall for. From the top down…

Outerwear: Night & Day

The biker jacket is another classic, one which reads the polar opposite of conservative and clean. Whether you’re a professional assassin or just a ladykiller, throw on some good leather and your badass quotient goes up tenfold instantly. Unlike the Harrington, the biker jacket is perfect for reinterpretation. This one by Balmain references the original look through an ’80s-glam lens, a hard piece that’s almost liquid in appearance. For the kill. Buy it here $3900

The Harrington jacket is a clear link to 1950s Americana; everyone from Elvis to Marlon Brando has sported the style. With its clean lines and conservative cut, it’s a look so classic it never needed updating. Cut slim through the arms and chest, this sharp specimen, the Windcheater from Gant, is rendered in crisp cotton and ideal for anything A.M., from work lunch to weekend brunch. Buy it here $300

Top: Tees

The T-shirt as a main act (as opposed to a supporting role as an undershirt) can go one of two ways: sloppy or classic cool. Knowing how to achieve the latter is a matter of cut and material. The look we’re going for is cool but a little rigid; soften it up a little with a tee that fits perfectly across the chest and shoulders but cuts loose elsewhere. An Alexander Wang shirt is guaranteed to hit the mark in wide-angle and in the detail shots, made from luxe material that brings sophistication to an otherwise laid-back look.

Buy it here $100

Bottom: Denim

The best pair of jeans you can buy will cost you less than anything else on this page. You don’t want flash or overwrought details, you want quality denim, a slim cut and solid construction. True classics — first made in the 1890s and once the world’s best-selling article of clothing — Levi’s 501s are casual by nature but trim enough to be worn smart and cool. That James Dean himself probably wore them is just icing.

Buy them here $70

Feet: Boots

The Looper lifestyle requires that its adherents be ready for combat at any moment. And that means a solid boot that’ll withstand anything. Dr. Martens’ Pier boot in black leather gets rid of the brand’s trademark chunky rubber sole for a cleaner look, with a cap toe that brings the design up to speed. Like work boots of yore with a punk edge.

Buy them here $180

Stay in the Loop

If you deal in time travel, as every Looper does, a sturdy, stylish watch is a necessity. And since it’s more gadget than anything, let’s get a little futuristic this time around. A statement in black steel and rose gold, this Brera Orologi timepiece is one for the ages. Solid in construction with bold design touches, you’ll never miss an appointment with this on your wrist. Like everything here, it’s a perfect balance of function and fashion.

Buy it here $750

For more on the Looper Lifestyle, check out the Looper Network and the Looper Lifestyle page.


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