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Sugar On Top
  • November 02, 2012 : 00:11
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So Jim got serious about Kelly. How serious? As serious as the $150,000 Tiffany diamond that now glitters on her left hand. Serious enough to give up sugar and commit to a normal life as a normal couple.

But when Kelly finally felt secure, finally felt sure she could trust Jim, she said, “I kind of miss the lifestyle, don’t you?”

Enter sugar babies and, eventually, Jodie.

As Kelly gets closer to the college to pick up Jodie, she begins to get nervous. “Isn’t it weird?” she says. “I’m picking up my girlfriend at her dorm.”

Jodie comes out with her bag and some homework. “I’m going to be really lame on this plane and work on a paper,” she says.

She’s wearing a perfume called Victoria’s Secret Bombshell. She also has a bottle of Chanel Mademoiselle. “One is my sexy scent, and one is my fun, flirty scent.”

That’s good, Kelly says, because “happy and fun” is the theme of the weekend. The Executive doesn’t like drama.

At the airport Kelly gets disoriented in the parking lot and can’t figure out where the terminal is. The momentary lack of control visibly upsets her. “Where the freak is the terminal?”

“It says Delta right there,” Jodie says patiently.

The truth is, Kelly is nervous. A threesome? Without Jim? She and Jim came up with the idea over a bottle of wine and it sounded fun, but now it seems wrong. The Executive is richer than Jim and fitter too. Jim doesn’t say anything, but she knows it bothers him. I’m not a sugar baby anymore, she thinks.

Maybe she’ll just do stuff with Jodie.

In the meantime, a sugar mama has her responsibilities. Where was she? “The Executive is not married, he has two grown children.…”

Jodie thinks he’s handsome, but clearly he has had work done. Kelly laughs. Jodie says, “You think I don’t know what plastic surgery looks like?”

“And that’s the reason the Executive is a perfect choice for Jodie,” Kelly says, “because Jodie wants to get her boobs done.”

Really? A beautiful girl like her?

“I stunted my growth in gymnastics,” Jodie says. “Four hours a day, including Saturday and Sunday. I didn’t hit puberty until I was, like, 16.”

Kelly’s eyes narrow. She turns her focus on Jodie. “Can you, like, do the splits?”

“Yeah. Maybe. I haven’t tried in a while.”

Perhaps it’s the slight flaring of her nostrils or a sudden flush to her skin, but somehow Kelly gives off a flash of sexual heat that could light up an airport terminal. “I’d like to see that,” she says.

“I’ll try,” Jodie says.

And off they go, bad and beautiful in their Lilly Pulitzers and Jimmy Choos, chasing glamour and moonlight and money while Jim surfs the web at home, waiting patiently for another chance to raid the sugar bowl.

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  • Anonymous
    Sexy and provocative. I loved every bit of this story.
  • Anonymous
    This article reads like it could be a very addictive reality show... :) Love every minute of it.