Water Wings: Top-Flight Fashion for the Beach

By Playboy.com Staff

No man knows what to wear to the beach. Luckily, you've got us to tell you.

The Playboy has a love/hate relationship with going to the beach. We tend to save the dressed-down look for lounging about the house, for football Sundays with the boys. Rarely, if ever, do we cross into the public sphere looking like the sophomoric slobs the beach is overrun with, making ventures to sandy shores an oft-challenging foray in fashion.

For some.

For others, honing the beach look like you’re a Ralph Lauren ad waiting to happen has been an exercise many years in the making. Carefully crafted and selected styles have been tried, tested, discarded and dumped until that ideal, effortless look emerges. It’s been a trial-and-error approach until now, but we’re finally ready to share our findings with you. It’s a cross between beach bum and surfing hippy sailor with just a touch of class, and the girls will love it. It’s a lock. It’s Playboy.com approved.

The “Long Walks on the Beach” Guy

Long Walks on the Beach Guy is rarely seen around high noon; he’s more the mysterious type who only seems to appear when a light breeze sweeps across the sand and the sun hangs low in the sky. He reveals deeply personal life stories at all the right times and probably knows the biological classification of shell species scurrying across the sand, down to the genus. When the credits roll, he kisses the girl.  

Shirt: Henrik Vibskov Mine Shirt. Shorts: Creep by Hiroshi Awai Pleated Shorts. Hat: Brixton Castor Straw Fedora.

The “Probably Lives at the Beach” Guy

Whether it’s by choice or design, Probably Lives at the Beach Guy probably lives at the beach and as such has developed inexorable ties to its fashion. This look is for the more youthful and lean among us, but this guy is picked first for all the volleyball friendlies with the babes, who coyly ask him to explain the intricacies of bocce. He speaks an adapted form of “gnarl” or surf-talk but has a highly developed intellect, is surprisingly grounded and has probably changed more than a few females’ lives with his “like totally awesome outlook on life.”

Shirt: T by Alexander Wang Pocket Tank. Shorts: G-Star NE Chino Straight Shorts. Sandals: Hugo Boss Green Label Shoreline Cross Slippers.

The “Fucking Guy Who Is Always Coming out of the Water Like David Hasselhoff or Some Shit” Guy

“WHO’S UP FOR SOME WATER POLO!!” This guy has no need for shirts: saggy, waterlogged, un-streamlined shirts. He needs only swim trunks: stylish, in-fashion swim trunks. He’s past the age of board shorts (so are you) and not delusional enough to prance around in a speedo, but he spends all his time in the water so he needs high-end, high-quality trunks with just a bit of ironic flash. 

Trunks: Scotch & Soda Swim Short, Nautica Flick Ford Fish Trunk, Sundek 17" Solid Boardshorts.

The “After-Hours Campfire Crooner” Guy

Once all the gulls have quit their squawking, the After-Hours Campfire Crooner sets the soundtrack for the beach. He is universally loved and admired for his talents and always has a song up his sleeve to go along with everyone’s highly requested favorites. It’s weird, because he’s normally a little shy, but all the girls fall for him when they hear “Hot in Herre” on a 12-string. He’s also the only guy smart enough to bring a sweater (a stylish one at that) to the beach, so he can loan it out to anyone (read: any woman) who gets cold. 

Sweater: RVCA Kingsley Sweater. Shorts: Diesel Chi-Tight-Sho Shorts Shirt: Spurr V-Neck


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