Tailgate Like a Pro

By Playboy Staff

A grill, cooler and stereo system all in one on a vehicle hitch will make you the life of the tailgate.

Tailgating season is officially upon us. So ditch that charcoal grill and don’t even think about using that styrofoam cooler. With the college football season kicking off this weekend and the NFL season just a week away, it’s time to upgrade your tailgating tools.

Whether you’re a dead-serious tailgater or the type of person who craves being the center of attention, the Grill N Chill is just the thing for you. Trust us. Grill N Chill makes six types of tailgating apparati, from a unit that has a stainless steel grill, glove box, ice chest and all-terrain kit ($2,499) to one that includes all of that plus a stereo, cutting boards, draft system, hitch based scissor lift, castor kit and chassis hitch ($3,299). Pick one up at your local Costco.


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