Sexy Sampling

By Lauren Hodge

The sexiest videos of triple-threat Tamara Sky: Playmate, DJ, thrill seeker.

That hot girl deejaying behind the booth usually turns out to be just a party girl with an iPod plugged into the sound system. But DJ-turned-Playmate Tamara Sky breaks that mold. She’s spun everywhere from the Mansion and Donald Trump’s birthday party to Palladium (club of all clubs in Acapulco) and all across Europe. Oh, yeah…and she’s only 26. Bringing unrivaled energy, attitude and range wherever she spins, the Puerto Rican DJ effortlessly brings sex appeal when she’s on the turntables. In honor of the fearless Miami native, we’ve chosen our five favorite videos of hers for your (and our) viewing pleasure. Enjoy.







Playboy Social