Tech Watch: BlackBerry z10

By Staff

Alicia Keys isn't the only thing that's new with Blackberry, find out why the BlackBerry Z10 is on our Tech Watch radar.

Excuse us while we pick our jaws off the floor: the new BlackBerry Z10 is without a doubt the ultimate gentleman’s smartphone we’ve been waiting for. BlackBerry have finally (after all these years) found a way to marry work and play seamlessly. And coming from someone who had completely sworn off BlackBerrys after owning the BlackBerry Storm, that’s saying a lot. While they’ve been attempting to achieve the work and play concept for some time to compete against iOS and Android, it seems as if they’ve finally figured it out with their new “hub” system which lets users surf through all the different kinds of communications in one inbox, giving a whole other meaning to the word “crackberry.”

Other features to note: The new cascade system helps navigate more seamlessly through various apps, like checking your mailbox while reading a .pdf document. The camera has a new add-on which may or may not be useful called the “Time Shift,” an optional feature that detects faces in photos and lets you roll back in time to ensure the perfect pose. Cool or useless? Only time will tell.

The only downside to this device is that it has an extreme lack of cool apps in BlackBerry World, but as long as that changes down the road, we expect a lot of people switching over to give this phone a try. 

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