Tech Watch: Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine

By Staff

Evernote and Moleskine team up to bring us the first smart notebook which turns your doodles, sketches and writings on your Moleskine into a digital copy on your Evernote app.

There’s something charmingly aristocratic about a Moleskine. There’s no denying that pulling out a roughed-up Moleskine during a big business meeting instead of your iPad looks impressive and well versed, and you’re less likely to look like you’re playing a game of hangman during the meeting points. In a world where we’re all so absorbed by what’s on the screens of our iPhones and tablets, having a pen or pencil hit a piece of paper feels so right. Despite this, there are times that you wish technology and paper could be fluent with each other, especially if your job entails writing, designing or drawing. Enter the newfound partnership between the highly popular ISO app Evernote and our dearly beloved Moleskine.

The two popular brands have teamed up to create the first “smart notebook,” a product that looks exceedingly similar to the regular Moleskine notepad but is designed to be photographed onto your camera and uploaded into the Evernote program, thus making whatever you were working on in your notebook digital. You’ll notice that when you attempt to take a photo with your smartphone of a piece of paper it will come out blurry or washed out. With the Evernote Smart Notebook, they hope to abolish that issue with their unique pages which come in ruled, squared and plain page with dotted lines, which “ensure a clean image when digitally capturing your notebook.”

Each notebook comes with three months’ free Evernote Premium, and to entice buyers to keep purchasing the product, after three months if you purchase a new Evernote Smart Notebook you get the same three free months deal. The regular-sized notebooks are currently going for $24.95, and the larger notebooks are $29.95 and are available for pre-order here.


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