Thanksgivukkah with and Epic Meal Time


<p>Dig in and enjoy the best -- and funniest -- of what the hybrid holiday has to offer. Happy Thanksgivukkah! <br></p>

Happy Thanksgivukkuh! 2013 whips together two of our most cherished holidays – Hanukkah and Thanksgiving – and folds them into one legendary event. This year is the first time the two celebrations have matched up since 1888! We knew we couldn’t let something as amazing as Thanksgivukkah go unnoticed.

EPIC MEAL TIME’S “HANDLE IT” WITH RAQUEL POMPLUN & PAMELA HORTON wanted to bring you a special treat for the once-in-a-lifetime holiday that is Thanksgivukkah, so we sent two of our best girls, 2013 Playmate of the Year Raquel Pomplun and Miss October 2012 and Gamer Next Door, Pamela Horton, over to meet the ever-hilarious YouTube chef Harley Morenstein and the rest of his crew over at Epic Meal Time.

Together, and YouTube’s Epic Meal Time cooked up the best foods and fun the Thanksgiving and Hanukkah combo have to offer. Specifically? Sweet potato latkes, cranberry-stuffed challah French toast, and, of course, turkey bacon.

We call this one epic holiday platter.

Gobble Tov!

Get more funny videos and crazy meals from our chefs over at, or on their YouTube channel,


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