The Best of Playboy in the '80s

By Staff

<p>Dig into our favorite articles and Playboy Interviews from the epic '80s. Ted Turner, Larry Hagman, Wayne Gretzky & more.<br></p>

    The new waves of ‘80s influence have passed through music and fashion at least twice since the ‘90s.  Tracking the progression can produce some sweeping assumptions that color an entire generation of burgeoning media hounds with the same DayGlo paintbrush. But in reality, the ‘80s were as much about ever-accelerating technology, large-than-life pop culture figures and finding out what comes next as the decade we’re in now. To back that up, we’ve assembled a roster of classic eighties Playboy articles and interviews; an all-star lineup of the movers and shakers of the era, from the brightest minds to the shiniest stars. Rad? Totally rad.

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        80 Ways the 80s Will Change Your Life
        A look forward at the epic 80’s, from the dawn of the decade.
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        The TV Villain: Larry Hagman
        Dallas star Larry Hagman talks villainy, celebrity, and getting shot on primetime television.
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        The Reclusive Couple: John Lennon & Yoko Ono
        The life of an artist from the mouths of two, less than a month after Lennon’s tragic death.
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        The Chameleon Comedian: Robin Williams
        Mork, Popeye or just Robin? The comedy vet turned TV star talks his many personalities.
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        The King of the Ring : Sugar Ray Leonard
        Ever wonder what it’s like to be in a class all your own, even in the upper echelons of pro boxing?
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        Cable TV Mogul: Ted Turner
        The “mouth of the south” sounds off on major league sports, CNN and TBS.
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        The Original Minimalist: Calvin Klein
        “I think fantasies are for birds; anything I wanted to do, I did.” Enough said.
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        The PC Innovator: Steve Jobs
        Our talk with the man who would turn techno-evolution into personal-use revolution.
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        The All-Time Hockey Champ: Wayne Gretzky
        The Great One talks life as an elite athlete on, and off, the ice.
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        Teen Idol: Michael J. Fox
        The Canadian teen dreamboat talk fanatics, groupies and Hollywood homes.
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