The Badass Bucket List: Air

By Staff

<p>Playboy TV's Badass girls are kicking ass and taking names and knocking some pretty daredevilish things off their bucket list along the way. </p>

Last week we reviewed how the term bucket list came into existence; it was a lengthy and likely derogatory definition that included an eclectic bibliography of citations from such notable names as Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Shakespeare and Arthur C. Clarke just to name a few. It used more than its fair share a few big words and it kind of dragged on.

But not this week.

No, this week I do believe we will be getting right to the action with the second installment of Playboy TV’s Badass Bucket List. It’s pretty much like any other bucket list: skydiving, surfing, sandboarding. All the jazz but with one noteworthy exception: our girls do it nude.

So whether you’re afraid of heights or sharks or whatever, we’re guessing you could probably overcome that fear in a hurry if the Badass beauties asked you to tag along while they kicked things off their Bucket List.



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