The Best Cigar Torch Lighters

By The Cigar Don

Not all cigar torch lighters are created equally, here's how to buy, use and refill yours.

Way too many of our fellow cigar smokers live their cigar-smoking lives cursing and struggling with torch lighters that don’t light. And it doesn’t matter if it’s an expensive lighter or a cheap one.

Much of the time the problem is caused by improper refills and poor care of the lighter. Refilling is easy and is the first key to keeping a dependable torch lighter.

First, you must use high-quality butane fuel. Find butane fuel that is triple refined (usually indicated on the can). A couple of quality brands are Xikar and Colibri. 

Next, it is important to follow the right steps to refill your lighter.

Four Easy Steps to Refill Your Torch Lighter:

Step 1: PREP Using a ball-point pen or small screwdriver, drain the remaining butane fuel and air from the lighter by depressing the fuel refilling valve (usually on the bottom of the lighter).  Then turn the flame adjustment control to the lowest position (clockwise).

Step 2:  REFUEL Hold the lighter upside down so the fuel valve is pointing up and hold the butane can so the nozzle points down. Firmly depress the butane nozzle over the lighter fuel valve for several seconds. Do this a few times, until fuel begins to leak out around the valve.

Step 3: REST  Let the lighter rest for several minutes before attempting to light it, allowing the butane fuel to warm to room temperature.

Step 4: FINISH Lightly depress the fuel valve on the lighter again to eliminate any air that may have entered during refueling. Then turn the flame adjustment control knob to the position you like for lighting your favorite smokes.

Follow these steps and your torch lighter will deliver consistent lights for years.

Hot Tip for Quicker Refills:   Place your lighter in the freezer for several minutes before performing the refill steps. A cold lighter will draw fuel more easily.

Also, check out these quality, dependable cigar torch lighters:

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