The Best Look For: The Oscars

By Staff

Five outfits inspired by five films nominated at this year's Academy Awards.

It’s safe to say that Oscar night is the biggest event of the year for film. If you plan to make your way down to the famed Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California to get in on the action, here are five of the best styles, based on our favorite Best Picture nominees.

The Artist

“Magnificently filmed in black and white, shot at 22 frames per second and almost entirely silent, The Artist revisits the plot of the much-filmed Hollywood saga A Star Is Born, adds a dash or two of Singin’ in the Rain and Sunset Boulevard, and charms and moves the hell out of us.” – Stephen Rebello

If you’re rooting for The Artist to win, you’ll have to dress to impress in 1920’s garb. In this era, men dressed according to their status wearing suit jackets, trousers and, when they were out of the office, athletic clothing. Wow the crowd with a classic one button tuxedo and a polished pair of hand detailed dress shoes.

Tuxedo: Dolce & Gabbana Black Wool Silk 1-button tuxedo with flat front pants ($1,676)

Shoes: Nero York Shoe ($890)


“Right from the jump, Moneyball gets you feeling—and pulling—for Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane. As played by Brad Pitt in a lived-in, rumpled, flat-out great performance, Beane is quite a character—an emotionally detached, tobacco-chewing, junk food-guzzling loner, a former golden boy gone to seed.” – Stephen Rebello

If you’re on the Moneyball team for this year’s Best Picture, you’re going to have to pull off an ensemble that will fit in with the old boys who hang out in the ball park all while keeping your attire formal enough for the most important night in Hollywood. Take a page out of Brad Pitt’s stylebook and go for a relaxed, modern man look. We suggest pairing a cashmere blazer with a nice crisp white shirt. No need for a tie, you’re going formal this year.

Blazer:  Ralph Lauren ($1,890) White Shirt:  Canali  ($300)

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

“I found it truly compelling that Jonathan Safran Foer told this story not only from the perspective of a boy enduring unimaginable heartbreak, but a boy who has his own singular view of everything. It’s a perspective that is engaging, inventive and emotionally rich.” – Director Stephen Daldry

If you’re a fan of Oskar’s journey in the film Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, dress in your best formal modern day attire. Since the film is set in the bustling post-9/11 New York, a slim fit grey three piece suit coupled with a striped silk tie will have you feeling and looking like a true New Yorker.

Three Piece Suit: ASOS ($248)

Striped Tie: Gucci ($193)


“It’s a simple, solid, heart-tugging story and what a joy. Gloriously directed by Scorsese in full fever-dream mode, the film has been shot — and thought-out — in majestic, best ever 3-D. From its first frames, Hugo is rapturously beautiful to look at, richly imaginative, constantly inventive and deeply and mysteriously emotional.” – Stephen Rebello

This adventure flick may be full of imaginative and colorful plot twists, but the reality of Hugo’s life is grim; he lives in the wall of a train station in 1930’s Paris. If you’re young at heart and hoping for the 3D Scorsese film to sweep the board at this year’s Oscars, fashion yourself in a slim fit tweet suit and accessorize with a colorful pocket square.

Tweed Suit: ASOS ($216)

Pocket Square: Drake ($85)

Midnight in Paris

“Beautifully photographed by Darius Khondji, Midnight in Paris, a fable that delivers pure pleasure, speaks not only to Allen’s longstanding love affair with Paris but also to the pointless but irresistible allure of nostalgia.” – Stephen Rebello

With one foot in the 21st century and the other in the 1920’s, you can go either way with your attire on Oscar night. We suggest going for a classic three piece jacquard satin suit and a black bow-tie. You can never go wrong with this timeless outfit!

Three Piece Suit: Dolce and Gabbana ($1,845)

Bow-tie: Gucci ($172)


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