The Best of the Oscar Winners

By Staff

<p>We condense the 190 minutes of last night Oscars telecast in less than a thousand words.<br></p>

Last night’s Oscars were definitely one for the books. While the ceremony banked on a lot of firsts—first six-year-old to be nominated for best actress, first movie musical to be nominated for Best Actor, first time in over 20 years Barbra Streisand sang at the Oscars—there were a lot of things to look forward to, but it seemed that the big star of the night was none other than the 22-year-old firecracker Jennifer Lawrence. Whether fist pumping to host Seth MacFarlane’s song about boobs, keeping her composure after bailing on the stairs as she accepted her Oscar for Best Actress, being hit on by Jack Nicholson or giving the best post-awards interview in the press room, all eyes were on her. Check out the big winners of the night below and tell us who you think were worthy of their prizes.

Argo – Best Picture

If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned Hollywood redemption story, you’ll be happy to hear that Ben Affleck took home an Oscar for his film Argo. There’s a lot of shit between Good Will Hunting and Argo that cast Affleck away from the industry, and judging by his teary acceptance speech he knows he’s earned this second chance.

Anne Hathaway – Best Supporting Actress

While the world rolled their eyes at the sight of Anne Hathaway cradling her Oscar, whispering “it came true!”, it’s nice to see she was finally able to live out her dreams of winning an Academy Award for best supporting actress in Les Misérables. Let’s hope she can find another role where she can do her infamous cry face for three hours so Hathaway can win more awards!

Adele – Best Original Song

When the nominees were announced for best original song it was obvious Adele was going to win by a landslide. While her performance of the Oscar-winning song was subpar due to the sound and the difficult task of following Shirley Bassey’s epic “Goldfinger” performance, Adele’s teary-eyed acceptance speech made the night. This was also the first time a 007 song has won an Oscar, if you can believe it!

Jennifer Lawrence – Best Actress

“You’re just giving me a standing ovation because I tripped,” joked Jennifer Lawrence when she finally made it to the stage. Throughout award season Lawrence has quickly become a fan favorite, and winning for her role in Silver Linings Playbook was the icing on the cake for anyone who has fallen for this sexy down-to-earth woman.

Quentin Tarantino – Best Original Screenplay

There’s something charming about Tarantino’s acceptance speeches. He’s always accepting of the praise he receives, but he does it in the most humble way. And good for him for waving off that god-awful Jaws music; playing it once was kitschy but thrice was outrageous! If for some reason you don’t know everything about this Hollywood mastermind, check out his Playboy Interview and our latest Femme on Fire: Nichole Galicia on working with him in Django Unchained.

Ang Lee – Best Director

It was a tough race in the best director category this year even with Tarantino and Affleck out of the competition, but ultimately Life of Pi director Ang Lee came out on top. After winning his first Academy Award for Brokeback Mountain in 2005, Ang Lee’s beautiful adaptation of the bestselling book Life of Pi took home the most Oscars this year.

Christoph Waltz – Best Supporting Actor

Everyone’s favorite Austrian picked up his second Oscar for best supporting actor in Django Unchained. While his win in 2009 made him the only actor to win the award for acting in a Tarantino film, we’re sure Waltz feels pretty good about himself winning against De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones.

Daniel Day-Lewis – Best Actor

After his stoic acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, the jokes he cracked as he began his record-breaking third best actor speech killed the crowd. Winning virtually every award for his portrayal of Lincoln in Spielberg’s biopic, it was no surprise when his name was called. Daniel Day-Lewis is also the first person to win the award for portraying a president.

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