The Bush Returns!

By Melissa Bull

<p>A bevy of celebs have recently spoken up about growing out their hair "down there." Is the full bush here to stay?</p>

Is the post-porn pussy hirsute? Have we exposed ourselves to such a frenzy of full-frontal hairlessness on the Internet that we’re seeking a little natural shade in the nether regions?

Recently, Jenny McCarthy, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Busy Philipps have spoken publicly about how they rock out their boxes with some au naturel tuftage. Playboy’s very own December 2013 cover girl, Kate Moss, also sports a little sprinkling of hair in both the gorgeous 60th anniversary issue of Playboy as well as in a hot, Internet-beloved shoot with LOVE Magazine. Are Hollywood’s blonde glamazons bringing the bush back single-handedly? Is the trend catching on like a house on fire? How are women around the globe primping the jungle between their legs in the new millennium?

An online pharmacy poll by UKMedix quizzed 1,870 women about their pubes and 51 percent reported that they don’t “style or groom their pubic hair,” whereas 45 percent of respondents copped to “no longer bother[ing] to keep up the grooming” and 62 percent fessed up that their partners “prefer the natural look.”

Another survey from Nads, a waxing brand, asked 1,000 gentlemen about their pubic grooming preferences for women. The most popular response was “trimmed and tidy.” Forty-three percent of the guys claimed to prefer their women to look as natural as possible with a "Bermuda triangle,” trimmed hair and waxed edges, while 17 percent still love up on the Brazilian or landing strip look.

Is all this regrowth action born of pure laziness? Have women simply given up on themselves? Or are they freeing themselves from the time-consuming hassle of epic hair removal?

It may just be that landing strips for one and all have simply fallen out of favor. Actress Gaby Hoffmann, in Sebastián Silva’s 2013 indie flick Crystal Fairy, and again in 2014’s third season of Girls, showcased her glorious, as-mother-nature-intended bush. Iconic herald of all trending topics, Lady Gaga herself showcased some thatch on the December 2013 cover of Candy, a trans style magazine.

Furthering the bush momentum, Caitlin Moran’s 2012 feminist bestseller, How to Be a Woman, throws out a kind of battle cry for pubic hair, declaring, only slightly tongue-in-cheekily, that every dame should proudly sport “a big hairy minge, a lovely furry moof that looks, when she sits naked, as if she has a marmoset sitting on her lap.” (Note: marmosets are indeed very cute, and infinitely pettable, little monkeys.)

Even porn actresses are taking the plunge. Renowned porn star, acrobat and writer Stoya is vocal about issues of body hair on her website. In an entry she titles “Way Too Much Information About My Ladyparts,” she says, “Personally, I like to have options with my bush,” adding, “I like to be able to be completely bald or have a lush patch of fur in the front.” But she does have some firm thoughts about boundaries. She writes, “I am, however, completely certain that I want the hair on my outer labia (or as my former manager Adella used to call it ‘the undercarriage’) gone,” she says, “See, it gets caught in my lacy underpants sometimes and hurts when it gets pulled out.” Ouch!

In the end, a woman’s right to choose how to dress or bare her muff should be something we neither shame nor judge, but, rather, enjoy and celebrate, and possibly lavish with compliments. As Coco Chanel said, “There is no time for cut-and-dried monotony. There is time for work. And time for love. That leaves no other time.”

So long as everyone steers clear of Vajazzling.


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