The Complete Kama Sutra Sundays

By Staff

<p>We're at the end of our Kama Sutra sex positions </p>

Well, folks, we’ve reached the end of the road: our entire Kama Sutra sex positions guide has been rereleased and hopefully you’ve put both the videos and occasional advice to good use.

We’ve covered a lot of topics, everything from how to attract a woman to how to pleasure one. How to avoid an argument and what kinds of gifts she might be expecting. We even diverged some weeks and delved into the abyss of proper punctuation.

But we had fun. We tried to update age-old advice for the modern man, and though sometimes we didn’t quite succeed (the entry on animal slaughter as a means of attraction stands out as one that was simply not going to work), we like to think we offered something in the way of useful information.

If not, there were always the videos starring Kamila Sulewska and Patrycja Mikula which made for good viewing and perhaps more practical solutions to your lovemaking. If nothing else they were certainly more instructive.

That’s what we leave you with today: The Complete Kama Sutra Sundays Collection for future reference. We hope you use this eternal wisdom more wisely than we occasionally did.

The Rear Window               The Spork                     The Gold Arch

Side Saddle                      The Buttermaker               Sitting Pretty

The Thigh Master            Reverse Cowgirl                  Quick Draw

Scissor Surprise                  Space Saver                           Kick Start  

Field General                      Foot Warmer                   The Showgirl  Confessional                       Electric Chair                      Wall Mount

Broke Back Mounting     The Nutcracker                    Captain K9  

Crash Course                      The Leg Lock                All You Can Eat


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