The Daily Lick: Wrongdoing Revelations

By Ron Shirley

There's only one way to know if you've learned from your mistakes, and resident repo wise-man Ron Shirley is here to guide us through the age-old battle of the conscience.

Ron Shirley (of Lizard Lick Towing fame) joins us for seven days of The Daily Lick, wherein he answers the varied questions sent to us by readers. Prepare to hear about anything and everything from spicing up your sex life to what to do when faced with an albino anaconda. Check back here daily to get the advice you need, bo’!

What do you do when you’ve done something wrong but can’t admit it, not even to your best friend?—Pat, Brooklyn, New York

Everyone in this world’s as screwed up as a pair of steel-toed flip-flops. When you do something wrong that you can’t admit to anybody else, at least you can admit it to yourself. You only have to face one person in the mirror, and that’s you. (If you wake up one morning and you see your daddy in the mirror, my suggestion is: stop takin’ baths with him.) Other than that, if you’ve done something wrong, the best thing you can do is learn the reason for it so that it doesn’t happen again. If we can’t learn from our mistakes, we put a damper on society.

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