The Gadget Geek: The Best Game Apps for February

By The Gadget Geek

The Gadget Geek reviews the best game apps released in February.

The advancements in technology have been incredible over the past few years and as a fan of gaming on the go, it’s a great time in history to watch apps develop and alter the way we play. Some of the games we download in seconds on our iPhones and iPads would have taken over 20 NES cartridges to hold. This week, The Gadget Geek spotlights three of our favorite games to play on an IOS device.

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Pizza Vs. Skeleton

Price: $2.99 Made By: River Man Media Buy Here.

We can safely say that this is the first game played on our iPhone in which the hero of the story is a giant ass-kicking pizza. It may be an absurd concept, but the high quality graphics and challenging levels (there are 100 of them) will leave you craving more of its cheesy goodness. You, the giant, fully customizable pizza, set out to defeat a slew of skeletons with spears, save impounded puppies, and perfect the act of pizza-skiing. This is all done by tilting your device, tapping the screen to jump and pounding the ground with two taps. Believe it or not, Pizza vs. Skeletons even has the obligatory water level. This game is fun, challenging and full of quirky rewards; you can even unlock a ‘Ron Swanson’ pizza bagel. It may sound silly to you now, but so did Angry Birds! We think Pizza Vs. Skeletons may possibly be the next big thing to hit the app store.

Beat Sneak Bandit

Price: $2.99 Made By: Simogo Buy Here.

If you’re more prone to using your iPod as a music storage device instead of a small handheld computer, this game may be something that coaxes you to the dark side of app happy Apple users. Cleverly called the Beat Sneak Bandit, this rhythmic game has the aesthetics of something that would be seen on Adult Swim. The point of the game is to listen to the beat of the song to learn the rhythm pattern that prompts different parts of the game to happen. For example, a trap door may open on an offbeat, or a security guard may look your way when a horn is heard. We’re not expecting big things from this game, but it’s clever, well created and highly addicting. It may not be on your iPod for long, but it’s definitely worth the money to test it out.

League of Evil 2

Price:$0 .99 Made By: Ravenous Games Buy Here.

We are huge 8-bit geeks, and yearn for days off to play The Legend of Zelda on our NES system. When we’re out of the comfort of our own home, we’ve been playing the sequel to the same name award winning game, League of Evil 2. Equipped with retro graphics and chiptune audio, you climb, flip and jump your way to brave new heights in order to fight the boss at the top. With over 160 levels of bosses to defeat, League of Evil 2 is a game that you’ll go back to time and time again.


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