The Gadget Geek's Guide to Coffee

By The Gadget Geek

This week the Gadget Geek goes coffee crazy.

Some of us can’t start the day without a cup of coffee. Others embrace the coffee ‘lifestyle’  by exclusively drinking at certain shops, buying beans that are only harvested from Peru or Guatemala and looking down on people who slurp Venti Peppermint Java Chip Frappuccino’s with extra whipped topping. Whatever kind of coffee drinker you are, these gadgets will get your heart racing the way your favorite caffeinated drink does.

Scanomat’s TopBrewer

This revolutionary coffee device is straight out of a coffee addict’s dream. Designed to fit perfectly onto your table top, the days of bulky coffee, espresso and Keurig machines taking over your counter space have been replaced with a single sleek tap that is connected to a machine below. The TopBrewer can make up to 13 kinds of different beverages, including macchiatos, lattes, americanos and cappuccinos. Oh, and you can also connect your iPhone or iPad so you can punch in what kind of drink you want so when you’re ready, so is your coffee.

Price: Over $13,000


-25 second espresso

-Automatic cleaning

-Two grinders

-Zero watts

-IPhone compatible

-Hot & Cold option

Coffee Joulies Set of 5

There are coffee mugs out there that claim to keep your coffee warm for hours after brewing, but until the Coffee Joulies came around, there was nothing on the market that would regulate the temperature of your cup of jav. Each stainless steel coffee bean is filled with a kind of phase change material that melts at 140° and will keep in the heat until your drink is cooled. When your drink’s temperature starts dropping, the beans will disperse the heat back into the liquid. Plop in the five Joulies into your cup of coffee to keep it at a perfect temperature throughout the entire cup. Buy here!

Price: $50


-Polished stainless steel


-Carrying pouch

Aeropress Coffee Maker

In the world of coffee, there are two people. Those who love the AeroPress Coffee Maker and those who have not heard of it. The AeroPress is designed to create the perfect single cup by taking out the bitterness many coffee machines cannot extract from the beans. Those who use the Aeropress claim that this device is better than some of the most expensive machines on the market (some can go for upwards of $6,000) and for such a low price, we can’t complain about the extra step you take to make a perfect cup of coffee. Buy here!

Price: $38


-Optional reusable filter

-Funnel for grounds

-Short brew time

Caffeine Zone App  

Developed by researchers at Penn State University, the Caffeine Zone App tracks your caffeine input and tells you how much of it is coursing through your body at any given time of day. In theory, this cool app can tell you when another jolt of jav will do you good. The app works like a calorie counter app. The user must input when they had their cup of coffee, how much, when they plan to drink their next and how quickly they usually drink it. The app is currently available on the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. Those who are between 200 -400 milligrams of caffeine in their bodies are in an optimal alert zone, so if you’re below that, another cup will keep you alert and ready for anything thrown your way.

Price: Free or .99


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