The Gadget Geek's Guide to Golfing

By The Gadget Geek

The sun is out and the golfers are hitting the green. Here's the gadgets you need for your 2012 season.

Many think that a game of golf is a way to relax, enjoy a day with friends and have a couple of drinks. Seasoned players understand that in reality it is a game that takes concentration, skill and precision. With the advancements of technology, golfers who are looking to improve their game can now turn to a variety of different gadgets to aid them. Here are a few of our favorites.

Oakley Cipher

Just in time for golf season, Oakley has released the world’s lightest performance golf shoe. Equipped with their patented Nanospike technology which gives more traction and flexibility throughout your golf swing and weighing in at just 206 grams, this fashionable technology is a must have for anyone who will be hitting the greens in the upcoming season. While the pre-sale of this shoe is sold out, it will be available again on April 1st 2012. Pre-order a pair of Cipher shoes here.

Price: $140

Expresso AG50s

If you’re one to jet set around the world for a few rounds on the best greens, this next gadget is for you. The Expresso AG50s marries automotive and golf GPS into one sleek looking device that’s there for you whether you’re on the green or on the road. With over 25,000 preloaded courses worldwide, the Expresso will display key distances for each hole, provide shot distance measurements, tally scorekeeping for you and three friends as well as flag hole hazards on the course. Not only does it work as an automotive GPS you can also listen to music with its built-in dual stereo speakers. Buy the Expresso GPS here.

Price: $200


Looking to improve your swing? This gadget will have you under-par in no time. When attached to your club, driver or putter, the Swingbyte captures a variety of data and imagery about your swing, and analyzes it in real time on your Apple or android device.. Swingbyte is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible, and all swings are stored so you can go back and see what needs to change. There is also an online component that you can buy that will give you some advanced analytics, history, trends and points out what needs improving. While it is not yet available to the public, you can pre-order now on their website here.

Price: $150

PGA iPad App

PGA has unveiled their new official PGA tour app for the iPad that is jam-packed with tons of awesome features. Sporting a full interactive leaderboard with project standings, stats after each tournament and player highlight videos, users are able to track their favorite players throughout all of the tournaments they play. There are also a ton of competition highlight videos, end of round recaps and best shots of the week to watch while you’re waiting for full live coverage that’s streaming from select events throughout the PGA tournament. Best of all? This app is available for free! Get the app here.


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