The Gadget Geek's Guide to March Gaming Apps

By The Gadget Geek

Don’t know which games to download next? Here is the Gadget Geek’s favorite gaming apps that came out this month.

Don’t know which games to download next? Here is the Gadget Geek’s favorite gaming apps that came out this month. Want some free stuff? Head on over to Twitter and tweet @playboydotcom your favorite game you play on your Apple device with the hashtag #PbApps to win one of ten MASS EFFECT™ INFILTRATOR or Commander Cool games!


It may have felt like we’ve been waiting a lifetime, but Chaos Rings 2 is finally hitting the screens of our Apple devices. With Characters of Chaos Rings 2 designed by Yusuke Naora, the same art director from several of the Final Fantasy titles, it’s no wonder why this RPG blows away any other of its game supported on iOS. Following the perils of a man named Darwin who has been captured and must fend for himself in a weird mansion, gamers are forced to choose between sacrificing loved ones and combat in a series of battles in and outside on the manor’s grounds. With way more to explore and new types of abilities than the first Chaos Rings, this visually striking RPG game is definitely worth the hefty price tag of  $18. But if you haven’t already played the first or are more interested in concrete storylines, the price tag may be a little too steep.

Commander Cool 

Who says a good game has to be developed by a major gaming company? If you love the sass and blood spatter of Duke Nukem and the 8-bit care free aesthetics of the Super Mario Bros levels, Commander Cool will be your new favorite game on your Apple device. With 35 levels to combat against spikes, henchman and landmines, this is one app that gamers won’t get tired of. Sure, the concept is trite, but the humor of shooting henchman into a bloody pulp right beside a shimmering gold coin and smiley clouds is really amusing. You can play Commander Cool on the iPad, but the placement of the controls are a little wonky, so we think for now it’s best to play it as an iPhone or iPod touch game.


Can’t get enough of Mass Effect? The developers at BioWare have heard your cries. Releasing a new chapter that runs parallel to the events in Mass Effect 3, gamers play the role of Cerberus agent Randall Enzo, gone rogue after experimentations on aliens go too far. Randall then battles his way out of the base to deliver incriminatory evidence to the Alliance. We played this game on an iPad 2 with okay graphics, but this game is one of few that are optimized for the new iPad’s retina display. We’ve heard it looks so good it’s like playing on an Xbox360! Even if you aren’t a fan of the Mass Effect franchise, it’s still a great FPS game to have on your iPad to play while you’re killing time. It reminded us of the Severnaya Surface in GoldenEye 007 but with way scarier battles! If you are a heavy Mass Effect gamer, you can upload the points you accumulate in the game to improve your Galactic Readiness Rating which is pretty awesome.

Battleloot Adventure 

At first we thought a clever PR company was afoot when we started seeing articles on this game pop up on the internet, but this RPG game holds up thanks to its naïve charm and lighthearted pokes at extreme RPG games. The story is simple. You have to battle a slew of evil-doers to get money to buy more things so you can battle more powerful evil-doers and so forth. Asides from the gorgeous hand drawn backdrops, we also like that you are able to choose a comrade to battle beside you who automatically uses their special powers so you don’t have to control two characters at a time while you’re in combat. Battleloot is in HD so it’s best played on your iPad, playing 60+ quests on your iPhone may get a bit difficult once you’re challenging harder levels.


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