The Gadget Geek's Guide to Tablet Gaming

By The Gadget Geek

The best in tablet gaming.

Not only have Tablets revolutionized the way we work, read and keep in touch, they have also changed the way we play games. In line with the iPad 3 keynote yesterday, it’s the perfect time to check out some of the hottest tablet gaming accessories on the market.

Logitech Joystick

There are tons of joystick accessories for iOS tablets, but the Logitech Joystick beats all others that attempt to break into the market. The Logitech Joystick suctions onto your tablet and works as a retro thumb-stick style game controller. It’s compatible with any game that has an on-screen joystick or d-pad. So the next time you’re kicking zombie ass in Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies, you won’t have to worry about missing a few kills due to the awkwardness of a virtual joystick.

Price: $20


Compatible with iPad and iPad 2 (But we’ve seen it used on other tablets too) Spring returns joystick to center position automatically Travel pouch

Project Fiona

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While this may not be an actual accessory, the first tablet designed for PC gaming is pretty unbelievable. Unveiled at CES 2012, Razer’s Project Fiona aims to modernize the way we play our PC games on the go. It has Intel’s generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor, a high performance NVIDIA GeForce® graphics processor as well as a 17” LED-backlit high-definition 17” display. Playing all of your favorite games without worrying you’re going to crash your laptop will soon be a thing of the past. Not only has Razer packed in all of the best tech specs in PC gaming, it also has dual gaming controllers so you can really get into whatever game your dominating.

Price: TBA


Hybrid user interface for PC gaming Intel® Core™ i7 10.1″ 1280×800 display Full-screen user interface supporting multi-touch 3-axis gyro, magnetometer, accelerometer Force feedback Dolby® 7.1 surround sound WiFi 802.11b/g/n Bluetooth® 3.0

iCade 8-bitty

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, we’re suckers for 8-bit throwbacks. Think Geek has teamed up with iCade in the past for the bulky yet amusing iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet, but iCade is now set to release a wireless controller  reminiscent of our youth called the iCade 8-Bitty. This controller will be compatible with the iPad and iPhone and will also have Android support for most tablets and smartphones. There is an iPad app “Atari’s Greatest Hits” that is already compatible with the new controller and we’re sure Android developers will come out of the woodwork once they’re ready to put this accessory on the market.

Price: $30


Wireless connection Open development platform Requires 2 x AAA batteries

Solar iPad Case

If you play games on your tablet, you’re probably draining the battery more often than you want. By using indoor and outdoor light, the LilyPad charges your iPad and other mobile devices to make it last longer than your usual charge. Designed as a case that acts as a stand, it comes equipped with USB ports to plug in whatever else needs charging The LilyPad also has a built in HDMI adapter to connect to a television or projector.

Price: TBA


Protective case Whistle Locator (you whistle, it beeps back!) USB Power Out Movie Stand Keyboard stand Theoretical extended iPad Battery power


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