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The Gent's Guide To Halloween
  • October 21, 2013 : 15:10
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  • Not just any Halloween Guide

    This year, we’re making sure October 31st won’t be just any Halloween by getting prepped in style. Suit up with tips on classic costumes, gentlemanly cocktails and even little-known Halloween lore to ensure you’ll have an unforgettable night.

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  • Adult Costume Bingo

    What’s a party without a challenge? Have each of your friends be on the lookout for each costume above, and when they spot them (you might even make them shoot a photo for proof), they can check off that square. The fi rst one of your friends to get a whole row marked off earns a well-deserved shot of Hornitos® tequila. Download the Costume Bingo Card

  • Celebrate Authetically

    Halloween’s the rarest of holidays—it’s as much fun as it is culturally rich. While today’s sophisticated gentleman thinks of it as a time to dress up and be social, we like to think of Halloween as a chance for cultural exchange with our neighbor to the south, Mexico. There, Mexicans have an autumnal celebration known as the Day of the Dead, a traditional holiday in which friends and family gather together to remember friends and family who have died. We’re wowed by the Day of the Dead’s elaborate preparations and pageantry, and have cribbed some of the highlights for our stateside Halloween party decor. The authentic Halloween

  • Recipes

    Your guests will know this isn’t just any Halloween party when you play bartender for them and serve distinctive cocktails using Hornitos® tequila. For an especially dramatic presentation, hide a few pans filled with dry ice underneath your bar table and behind jack-o’-lanterns. Throughout the evening, pour a bit of warm water on the dry ice so that spooky fog wafts over the bar.

    Dawn of the dead Not just any potion Midnight masquerade
  • Halloween rituals around the world

    We’re working on seeming like an international man of mystery by knowing a few tidbits about Halloween celebrations across the globe. Throw these facts into conversation and you’ll seem worldly. World rituals

  • Not Just Any House Party

    Forget the finger-shaped cookies and cheesy games. This is not just any night or party, so a few well-chosen upgrades will make it extra-special. How to put on the Greatest of parties

  • Make Your Costume Special

    It’s Halloween. The quickest way to signal that you’re ready for a good time—as the host of your own party, a guest at someone else’s or on a pub crawl with your friends—is to wear a costume. Trust us on this one. (And may we recommend a shot of Hornitos® tequila at home before you debut your new look for the general public.) We recommend going classic with your look—because a well-dressed man, even in costume, is the guy you remember. Classic Costume Tips

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