The Late Night Foodie: Bacon, Doughnuts and Strip Clubs

By Vanessa Butler

This week the Late Night Foodie dines on White Castle burgers and drinks Bacon Maple Ale.

From the delicious to the just plain weird, our round-up of what’s going on in the world of food.

Food Dare:

Lucky for you, an American businessman took it upon himself to start a business that sells edible pizza tattoos. If you really want to wow the guys at your Super Bowl Party, pick up some of the limited edition NFL Pizza Prints sold on You may not receive a positive reaction to this rather odd food additive, but your friends will talk about it nonetheless.

V.I.P Dinners:

While restaurants around the world celebrate haute cuisine this week by lowering menu costs, one specific restaurant in San Diego caught our eye: high class steakhouse La Jolla Strip Club is serving up a $15 lunch and a $30 steak dinner. There may no longer be strippers at this specific location, but there are gorgeous waitresses and a cheeky 21+ pin-up atmosphere. Patrons, who may have confused La Jolla Strip Club with a real strip club, (we may have done this) will leave with a full stomach and possibly an entertaining story.

Burger Radar:

Courtesy of: Flickr

We won’t hold our breath on this news but fast food chain White Castle has been testing a menu that would serve beer at $3.50 a glass and wine for $4. Jamie Richardson, a spokesperson for the mini burger franchise gave Associated Press the understatement of the year when she said White Castle is, “…certain that we might have some customers who might enjoy some sliders and a beer or wine, as well.” Yes we would Jamie, yes we would. If you’d like to try out this combination for yourself, you’re going to have to journey to its franchise in Lafayette, Indiana. If not, buy some mini burgers and bring them home.

Doughnut Ale:

Rogue may be the unspoken authority on craft beer, but their recent ale made with wacky doughnut maker’s Voodoo doughnuts, has a few brew lovers scratching their heads. Appropriately called Bacon Maple Ale, since it is just that, has hit stores for nationwide purchase. The fact that ingredients include Applewood-Smoked Bacon and a slew of sickly sweet tasting malts, we’re going to go ahead and assume no one could possibly finish an entire 750ml bottle of this stuff. But in all fairness, who could really resist trying?


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