The Luck of the St Patrick's Day Redheads

By Staff

<p>Happy St. Patrick's Day from<br></p>

{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“6656”} There are so many things that we like about Ireland. They’ve got a great selection of whiskey, their taverns always make for a good time and there’s no denying that their people can outdrink anyone during a pub crawl. Another thing they have going for them is their beautiful red-haired women.

There’s something about those fiery redheads that gets us all hot and bothered, maybe it’s because red hair only occurs naturally in about one to two percent of the human population. Despite their reputation for being hotheaded and highly sexed (which isn’t always a bad thing), we quite like keeping company with ginger girls. Hell, last year’s Cybergirl of the Year Leanna Decker is a natural redhead! So, to celebrate their beauty this St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve wrapped up some of the redheads we’ve shot throughout the years into a video we like to call “Luck of the Redheads.”

A special thank you to the women who made this happen:

Lauren Bethencourt, Haydn Porter, Molly Shaw, Megan Medellin, Alyssa Michelle, Veronica Ricci, Bree Morgan, Leanna Decker


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