The Pick Up Dating Advice: Get Your Day Game On

By Nick Savoy

<p>When most guys think of meeting and attracting women, they think of bars, parties and nightclubs. But smart men know that most opportunities happen in the daytime.<br></p>

When most guys think of meeting and attracting women, they think of bars, parties and nightclubs. But smart men know that most opportunities happen in the daytime—in parks, coffee shops, stores or even just walking down the street. 

Why you should try “Day Game”

More variety/higher quality: Not every woman goes out to bars and clubs, but every woman needs to go shopping and do things during the day. Day Game gives you the chance to meet women you might not otherwise.

Less drama: Day Game is usually a no-BS zone. She might be alone, or, if she isn’t, her friends won’t be trying to drag her to the dance floor every few minutes. There are no frustrated bouncers, flashing lights or drunk guys trying to mess with you. It’s just you and her.

You’ll stand out:  Attractive women get hit on a lot when they go to bars and clubs. Even if she stays sober enough to remember you clearly, you risk getting lumped in with all of the other men she met that night. But if you meet her in the daytime, she will definitely remember you—and that, unlike other guys, you had the balls to go for what you want.

You don’t have to change your life around: Day Game pickups are usually quick (more on that in a second), and you can meet women who happen to cross your path anyway. 

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The Day Game Formula

There’s a great and easy-to-use handbook called Daytime Dating that covers all of the ins and outs of Day Game, but I’ll give you a few simple rules to get started:

1.  Approach every attractive woman you see until it’s automatic. Hesitation is death (we’ve covered this before). Get in the habit of approaching so that you won’t hesitate at all when your dream girl comes along. 

2.  Tell her you’re interested. In Day Game, there’s no reason to be coy. She knows you’re interested in her, so you may as well impress her with your confidence (even if you’re shaking on the inside). Tell her something like, “I saw you over there and had to see what you were about. My name’s Nick,” and watch her smile.

3.  Spend the next five to ten minutes on connection and commonalities. Ask her what she’s doing, tell her what you’re doing and look for an opportunity to tell her a couple of interesting things about yourself. You don’t really need to compliment her any more, and remember, you’re not trying to make her fall in love with you here—all you need is for her to be intrigued enough to want to see you again. 

4.  End the conversation first and make specific plans. Don’t just ask for her phone number; say something like, “It’s been really fun talking to you. I’ m on my way to do __________ now, but let’s get together later for a drink and finish this conversation.” You can do that in any situation. Even better would be to establish a common interest in something—anything from live music to a new sushi restaurant opening downtown—and suggest plans around that. 

All in all, a good day game approach takes about 15 minutes. Meet up for a date later that night, check out the Playboy columns on how to be great at dating and enjoy! (And if you’re stuck, grab a copy of Daytime Dating ­by Jeremy Soul—it’s available in pdf or Kindle format and is worth every penny).

About the Author

Nick Savoy is a professional dating coach for men and women and has successfully trained over 10,000 men to meet their goals in their love life, dating life and sex life since 2004. In addition to these Playboy “The Pick Up” columns, he is a frequent poster on the PUA Forum.


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