The Pick Up: The New Year's Eve 2013 Guide

By Nick Savoy

Picking up on New Year's Eve? Parties, booze, and the last days of the year before resolutions may make it sound easy, but Nick Savoy give you the fail safe way to win her over.

New Year’s Eve is one of the best nights to meet women all year:

• It’s the holiday season, so people are out of their usual social routines and open to meeting new people

• Even women who don’t normally go out a lot will be doing something on New Year’s Eve

• Single women who’d like to meet someone will have just gone through the holiday season alone – they are definitely more likely to be receptive

• It’s a night associated with happiness, new beginnings, optimism for the future; all great for connecting with people

• Kisses at midnight…


• Plan in advance.  Like, now.  You’re can only meet women who are in the same place as you.  On a casual night, women can end up anywhere, but for New Year’s Eve, most women are going to be going to a party or a nightclub that they’ve planned in advance.  This is both because New Year’s Eve is an “event” (and not some random mid-March Tuesday night), and because most of the time you’ve got to buy tickets or arrange these details in advance.  Do the same.

• Get an “afterparty” together.  It’s 12:30am.  You’re talking to someone great and want to continue things.  The party is starting to die down.  What do you do?  Do you invite her to an afterparty and continue the night or do you hope she’s as interested in you when you call or text her the next day?  An afterparty doesn’t have to be elaborate – even a few friends (not all guys) that are going to hang out over drinks and music after the party breaks up is fine.  A woman is much more likely to go to an “afterparty” with a guy she just met than she is to just randomly go back to your house.  And even if you don’t get physical, she’s a lot more likely to go on a date with you if you’ve hung out together in a couple different places than if you’re just a random guy she met while drinking.


• See and Be Seen.  A few years ago, a Love Systems study showed that women are much more likely to be attracted to men who other people (especially other women) notice and are interested in.  The same study showed that women often make these judgments in the blink of an eye without realizing it.  The psychology behind Pre-selection and Social Proof gets pretty deep (and is very useful to learn for your social skills in general) but for the purpose of New Year’s Eve, we can break it down to a couple things: Always look happy and engaged.  Don’t stand alone.  Don’t be looking around for the party – assume that the party is where you are.  Don’t keep wandering around looking for something to do or someone to talk to.  Act as if everything is always going according to plan.  Appear relaxed.  Be friendly even with women you’re not interested in – the ones you do want will be all that much more receptive.

• Watch the clock.  New Year’s Eve is pretty unique in this way.  A few minutes before midnight, whatever you’re doing is going to come to a stop as people count down to the New Year.  Wind up your deep conversations or long stories, or they’ll be awkwardly wound up for you.  Even a “Midnight on New Year’s Eve Kiss” is a kiss – the kiss is a big diving line between “plausible deniability” and “something is happening here.

Most of all, it’s New Year’s Eve.  People are out to have fun.  If you get the basics right that we’ve covered in the column and you go out and have fun and show the best side of yourself, you’ll do just fine.  Let’s get 2013 started off the right way!

Nick Savoy is a professional dating coach and President of – a worldwide dating consultancy for men with videos, books, and live in-person training.


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