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The Playboy Advisor: Straws
  • December 21, 2011 : 20:12
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Q. We're college students new to the bar scene. Every place we visit serves its mixed drinks with a straw. Is re-stirring your drink insulting to the barkeep? Is it proper to remove it once you're done? We've noticed lately that a lot of people, especially women, sip from the straw, but to us it's an annoyance.
-- A.H. and G.H., Ann Arbor, Michigan

A. Relax. Your method is fine; the barkeep doesn't care. We've heard two reasons from women for using the straw: to preserve their lipstick and to pace their alcohol intake. Either way, lucky straw.

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  • Anonymous
    Also unless you inspected the kitchen or closely watched the bartenders clean the glassware, use a straw.