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The Global Report: March 15, 2012
  • March 14, 2012 : 20:03
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Welcome to the Global Report: our weekly column of the most important issues happening across the planet. From politics to war, monarchies to dictatorships, and everything in-between, we’ve got it covered. It’s world news, style.

Last we spoke about the Argentinian ‘tea and cookies blockade’ of British goods as an attempt for the South American country to reopen negotiations concerning the disputed ownership of the Falkland Islands. Earlier this week, President Cristina Fernandez’s government stepped up the pressure by refusing cruise ships that had previously stopped at the archipelago. In addition to this, Fernandez has threatened to cut airspace use for neighbor Chile, who has been a supplier of goods for the islands. These renewed tensions come as Argentina becomes increasingly uncomfortable with Britain’s military in the area, not to mention the possible natural resources being drilled for off-shore. Let’s just say money is always the strongest motivator for conflict.

In American news, Santorum took the Republican nod on Tuesday in Alabama and Mississippi, with Romney taking Hawaii. We wouldn’t be surprised to hear of a Santorum-Gingrich dream ticket option being promoted by both candidates in the coming weeks. Palin is STILL watching.

The 17-member Eurozone nations formally approved the Greek bailout yesterday in their respective legislation, which will start sending the first release of 29.4B euros on its way. Now Greece, don’t spend it all in one place.

Further North on the continent, the on-going turmoil of Rupert Murdoch’s News International in the UK continued, with six more arrests taking place on Tuesday. Among the group was former chief executive Rebekah Brooks who was in charge of the company during a portion of the time the phone-hacking and policy bribery were alleged to have occurred. We imagine these won’t be the last of the arrests which could have the potential to lead to some action against James Murdoch.

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