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The Cottontails Present: True Colors
  • March 11, 2013 : 23:03
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When set out to relaunch our 2013 Bracket Challenge, we decided that we would need three things: Better Prizes. Bigger Site. More Boobs. 

Prizes? We got 'em. This year we're giving away a PS3 and huge flat-screen TV, a digital SLR camera, 30 Playboy Plus memberships and our grand prize, an autographed, authentic Larry Bird Celtics away jersey.

Bigger Site? Check. This year's Bracket Challenge offers top-notch team previews and scroll-over rankings to keep you ahead of the game. Plus a streamlined signup process that takes but five seconds to fill out and is 100 percent free-to-play. 

More Boobs? You bet. Our media gallery features four exclusive videos and two never-before-seen pictorials. As a bonus, our Girls page features all your favorite Cyber Girls and Playmates waiting to go one-on-one with you in the 2013 Bracket Challenge. 

For now we'll leave you with a little taste of what we have to offer. To see the full site plus more, head on over to and sign up today!

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