The Pornstars of Game of Thrones

By Staff

<p>Five pornstars made their way to HBO's Game of Thrones. Can you name them? </p>

Hollywood is a weird place. For all its liberal biases and self-professed progressive views, there’s still a clear divide between the mainstream and porn film industries. Sure, they both make movies in California and they both use sex to sell their wares, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. While both industries may claim to offer a more realistic view of sex and sexuality, what happens when a pioneering director tries to bridge the gap between porn and mainstream entertainment? Is it possible to make a mainstream product that features realistic scenarios and real sex that provokes arousal in an artistic manner? It certainly should be!

Unfortunately, what generally happens is that the NC-17/art house/sexy film is not usually embraced by neither industry.

But who better to up the sex-on-screen ante than the people of Game of Thrones? It should come as no surprise that a few pornstars are spicing up the highly popular HBO fantasy series. The most notable performer is Peter Dinklage’s on-screen (for now) lover, the German actress Sibel Kekilli. Kekilli is a rare bird; she successfully transitioned from adult to mainstream entertainment over 10 years ago. But she’s hardly the only adult star to show up on the series.

Here are five women who have appeared on the award-winning show who moonlight as pornstars.


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