The Scenes of Kate Beckinsale That Drive Us Wild

By Staff

Sex appeal radiates off everything Kate Beckinsale does.

Sex appeal radiates off everything Kate Beckinsale does. Whether it’s slaying vampires in a corset in the 2004 epic Van Helsing, kicking ass in her leather skintight number in the Underworld films or cuddling close to Ben Affleck as Nurse Lt. Evelyn Johnson in Pearl Harbor, this feisty brunette drives us wild. She may have had smaller television roles during her childhood, but Kate Beckinsale made her film debut in 1993 in Much Ado About Nothing while studying at Oxford University. Luckily for us, her acting career has been littered with sexy scenes and nude roles throughout the years. Appearing nude in one of her first films in ’94, appropriately titled Uncovered, Kate went on to star in two other films in which she shed her clothes in the name of cinema. Here are our favorite clips of Kate getting racy for the camera.

Oral Sex Scene from Laurel Canyon

Kate leaves nothing to the imagination in this scene with her on-screen beau; we only wish there were more to this clip! What a tease.

Lesbian Pool Scene from Laurel Canyon

Yes, we picked this scene over the sensual kiss Kate and Frances McDormand shared in bed while experimenting with Christian Bale. There’s something sexier about a late-night makeout session in a dimly lit pool.


Not only is Kate Beckinsale stunning throughout the entire movie clad in her skintight outfit, there are also her incredible sex scenes.


Ah, shower scenes. One of the greatest parts of any film, especially when they have a sexy female lead starring in it!

Pearl Harbor

Sure, it’s not as hot as the rest of the clips, but her on-screen chemistry with Ben Affleck is drop dead sexy.


Playboy Social