The Sexiest Scenes Starring Jennifer Lopez

By Staff

Known for her incredibly sexy body, Jennifer Lopez has appeared in many scenes flaunting her bodacious curves and stunning ass.

When you think Jennifer Lopez, you immediately think about her incredibly sexy figure. Known for her big booty and curvaceous legs, it’s hard to believe Jennifer Lopez has only appeared nude in two of her films in the late ’90s. If we were her, we’d dust off that green Versace dress that made her so famous at the 42nd Grammy Awards and wear it weekly.

Starting her career by dancing as a Fly Girl on the popular comedy show In Living Color, Jennifer Lopez immediately started turning heads with her gorgeous body and gorgeous ass. In her breakout role in Selena, Jennifer started her second career as a singer; taking up the name J.Lo, she soon became a household name as she dominated top 40 charts with songs like “Play,” “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” and “I’m Real” off her second album, J.Lo, which included incredibly strong language and sexual content that was very taboo in 2001. A Parental Advisory sticker couldn’t stop this sexy woman from the Bronx, and Jenny went on to release some of the raciest videos of the 2000s. Here are a few of our favorites.

Dance Again Ft. Pitbull

Even in 2012 Jennifer Lopez can make an incredibly sexy music video that pushes the boundaries of sexuality.


Former husband and wife Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck sex scene.


Jennifer Lopez steamy love scene by a waterfall.

U Turn

Jennifer Lopez sex scene with Sean Penn.


Playboy Social