The Spiciest Scenes of Salma Hayek

By Staff

We uncover this Mexican beauty's hottest times on camera.

While the sexy and enticing Mexican-born beauty Salma Hayek is a relative newcomer to all things Hollywood, she certainly has ingrained herself in our memory in just a few short, seductive performances. After moving to Los Angeles to study acting under legend Stella Adler, this gorgeous Lebanese-Mexican vixen was given her first big break by Robert Rodriguez in his mariachi film Desperado, costarring Antonio Banderas.

Desperado Sex Scene

Hayek’s considerable acting talent has boosted her to fame with such performances as Frida, for which she was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar; The Maldonado Miracle, a Showtime film that garnered her a Daytime Emmy; and primetime comedy Ugly Betty, which she produced and guest starred in, resulting in a nod for Outstanding Guest Actress.

From Dusk Till Dawn – Sexy Dance

It’s Hayek’s lesser-known roles that have catapulted this spicy actress into the hearts of guys everywhere. In the cult horror thriller From Dusk Till Dawn, while Hayek doesn’t play one of the lead acting roles, she may just win for the best sexy entrance we’ve ever seen as the vampire stripper Santánico Pandemonium. While we have no doubt that Hayek could hold her own alongside George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino, we’re much happier with her doing this seductive dance than either of them.

Dogma – Sexy Stripper Dance

It’s always a welcome surprise when an actor or actress returns to doing something they’re good at. In this case, Hayek’s stellar stripper dance from Dusk Till Dawn was great training for entertaining the guys from Dogma with a naughty schoolgirl-esque routine on the pole while decked out in silky pink lingerie. While her role in this year’s Savages as a Mexican drug lord was definitely hot, we’re looking forward to her sports comedy Here Comes the Boom in October.


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